Some of my finest Spherical Bump Mapping
Examples created with BMRT

To the right is a A BMRT Rendering of 3 Golf Ballsscene of three golf balls placed on a surface which casts blurry reflections. This image is my very first attempt at using BMRT. I modeled everything by hand—and it was not easy. It is just a simple scene containing three spheres, to which I applied my own custom made spherical bump map; a polygon floor, which makes good use of the standard "shiny" shader; and one area light, which casts some very nice soft-shadows. I think it looks decent. Don't you?

Here is a scene of a very nice basket ball against a cool blue background, which I created with the GIMP. A BMRT Rendering of a Basket BallThis image is just another in my series of experimentation with spherical bump mapping. It is not really finished because the dimples could have been more accurate. If you know of any other images of basket balls like this one, please email me. (I can't take the credit for this particular map because I found the code to produce it on the internet. As far as I know, the code for bball.c was written by Steve Worley.) My next project is a standard 32 panel soccer ball, so stay tuned.

I finally finished A BMRT Rendering of a Soccer Ballmy soccer ball—it is almost like the one used in the World Cup. Keep in mind that this image is just BMRT's sphere primitive with my own custom made spherical image maps applied to it. This one uses two maps: one for the bumps, and another for the logos. I haven't yet worked this object into a good scene, but I'm working on it. I also have to add some stitches that hold the panels together—but that is not so easy to do.

All images were rendered with the Blue Moon Rendering Tools.
Copyright © 1999 Anthony D'Agostino
All rights reserved.