Some of my finest macro photos,
scans, restorations, and other digital images

Macro: Micro-Chips, Gears, and Bolts
My entry for DeviantArt's August Macrophoto contest. The tiny gear and miniscule screws are from a wristwatch; the micro-chips from an old broken film camera.Super Macro: Micro-Chips, Gears, and Bolts Note the 5 different sizes of ball-point pen tips that are neatly arranged in a semi-circle. The background is a good old US penny and was chosen to show scale. I did my best to clean off the dust and debris, but at this size it's not too easy.

Note the seated figure in the center of the penny. I never knew that was there. Did you?

Equipment: 3.2 MP Canon PowerShot A75 and a Minolta 50mm f/2 lens. No flash, natural light only. Two white card reflectors were used to remove some of the deep shadows and to add highlights.

Super Macro: The World's Smallest Pyramid
I was experimenting with a macro technique and produced an Super Macro: The Smallest Pyramidinteresting result with my Canon PowerShot A75 and an old Minolta 50mm f/2 lens.

These metallic spheres come in three different sizes and, interestingly enough, they aren't always chrome; some have a darker color. Can you guess what they are or where I got them? Hint: There's a good chance that there is at least one of them on your desk right now. They are the bearings from the tips of ball-point pens.

My original photo taken in 1989 with a film camera has a mysterious white flare defect in the center.

Photo Restoration: Grandfather
Here is my first attempt at photo restoration. I scanned an old, worn-out photo Restoration of Grand Father of my grandfather and started retouching the damaged areas. There was a missing corner (lower-left) that I had to clone. I also removed the sepia tone and restored the original black and white color. The window at the top was removed entirely -- this was easier than fixing it. Note that most of the creases and wrinkles are gone. The scratch along the middle of the uniform and across the face was difficult to remove because of all the detail underneath. It's not a perfect touch-up but, all in all, I think it turned out fairly well.

Macro: Randomly Placed Bolts & Metallic Screws
Super Macro: Bolts Super Macro: Bolts A collection of screws from a wristwatch. Note the small depth of field. The rough, reflective black surface is that of a compact disc. These were just some test shots, but they turned out rather well.

All images are un-retouched except where noted.
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