A really short history of how I became involved
with Ray Tracing and Graphics

Sometime around 1991, I was Pacman.jpgat my friend's house and he downloaded this PacMan scene (Copyright © 1991 Ville Saari) from a local BBS in South Jersey with his new 2400 BPS modem. I did not have a computer at that time and I did not even know that POV-Ray existed, but the image completely amazed me. I wouldn't see another ray-traced image for several more years.

In 1994, I saw this ice cream sceneSundae.gif (Copyright © 1994 Robert A. Mickelsen) in CompuServe Magazine. I read the article abount POV-Ray and downloaded the program immediately. After reading the docs and playing with the examples, I ran into Pacman.pov and I remembered that I saw it years ago. Now it all started to fall in place. These images inspired me to create the puzzle models that you can see on the gallery page.